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Mimir, Old Norse Mímir, in Norse mythology, the wisest of the gods of the tribe Aesir; he was also believed to be a water spirit. Mimir was sent by the Aesir as a hostage to the rival gods (the Vanir), but he was decapitated and his head was returned to the Aesir. The god Odin preserved the head in herbs and gained knowledge from it. According to another story, Mimir resided by a well that stood beneath one of the roots of Yggdrasill, the world tree. That well, sometimes called Mímisbrunnr, contained one of Odin’s eyes, which Odin had pledged in order to drink from the waters and receive wisdom.
Norse god Odin (left) approaching the god Mimir's well beneath the world tree, Yggdrasill. Source: britannica.com

Mimir Tech is a software development company that brings to live software according to the most recent and secure standards. Our agile software development methodology ensures the best approach to your needs. With more than 12 years of software development, our team has expertise in web development software, mobile app development, and Progressive Web Applications.

Mimir Tech is a software development and software outsourcing company. We help businesses achieve their goals by providing reliable and efficient software development services. Our team of experienced developers can help you with a wide range of software development needs, from mobile app development to enterprise system integration. We also offer software outsourcing services, which allow businesses to outsource their software development projects to our team of experts. Whatever your software development needs may be, Mimir Tech has the solution!

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